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Cultural Journalism Campus

Same old games, brand new interaction (Cao Fei’s ICC installation)


Southern Weekly

“一定要有人站出来” 访电击同性恋维权者小振





网络无处不在 一格一格管城市

北大方正与政泉控股,从共谋到恶斗 果然又有“内幕”

福布斯富豪秦志威的跨境资本戏法 废金属大鳄被清盘 神秘公司疑助其金蝉脱壳


邹思聪: 读书对我来说就是玩儿| 港大新闻MJ毕业生访谈

卢瑛婷:找到理想的苗头,不困死,不止步| 港大新闻MJ毕业生访谈

许芷君:我就是静不下来 | 港大新闻MJ毕业生访谈

Drake University

 Q & A :

Q&A with Justine Lorelle LoMonaco

  Restaurant review:

Mandarin Grilland Sushi Bar

“An Authentic Bite of China”

(Wednesday, May 16, 2013)

China News Service


The civic pop culture as displayed in the growing local fervor in street dance

回歸中國味道 中式快餐華麗轉身

 The revamping of the catering industry amid the flourishing of  local Chinese fast food restaurants

政府開支人大監督 安徽省預算監督漸完善

The progressive role the Standing Committee of Anhui Provincial People’s Congress has played in supervising the budget and expenditure of the local government

安徽”單獨兩孩”政策表决通過 系全國第二個省

安徽省已建八個留學人員創業園 創業平台趨完善

The emerging heat of returned Chinese initiating high-tech startups in Anhui and its win-win interaction with the local economy

88名中東歐國家代表合肥念“農經” 與中國合作機會多

The 8th Agro-trade & Economic Cooperation Forum between China and Central-Eastern European Countries was held in Hefei, Anhui on Sept.11th, 2013.

治超不力問責政府 安徽首立法治理超限超載


Taiwanese entrepreneurial investment in Anhui has totaled more than 3 billion dollars while a local act of protecting and facilitating further investment from Taiwan is on the agenda of the Standing Committee of Anhui Provincial People’s Congress.

Video 视频小样:

She knew it at the age of ten when she put on a dress of her mother. But it took her another 20 years to be a genuine woman inside out. 


“I paint to capture the historical moment and to record for posterity,” Perry Dino.

Hong Kong documentary painter Perry Dino, 49, has so far produced eight pieces surrounding the ongoing political protest Occupy Central since 31 August. He is holding one work from the Occupy Central series: 30/9/14, Yee Wo Street, Causeway Bay.

Kwan Hing Kee, a 87-year-old tofu stall in Hong Kong has witnessed the time and tide in Sai Ying Pun. Chow Fung King, the current stall owner has preserved the small business from her late husband, whose father single-handedly built the brand in 1928.


“We are really lucky. We are just happy for whatever time we have as a family.”  John Harris

A father with a failed kidney and a failing liver who went through chemotherapy on dialysis while continuing working instead of retiring on Social Security Disability, with the adopted Chinese girl as his faith and strength, and whose wife turned out the kidney donor.